Digitizing legal services

Stirling blue is a proven e-law platform and SaaS that helps companies and law firms increase their revenues, efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Why clients use our services

Additional revenues

Generate additional revenues through our modern, digital legal products and new distribution channels.


Increase efficiencies and reduce costs by automating labor-intensive work.

Customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction with easy, value-added products and services with great user experiences.


Pick and choose the parts of our secure, GDPR-compliant platform and software you actually need.

Quality assurance

Use efficient and standardized work flows to guarantee the quality and overall experience of your legal products.


Launch and scale new digital legal offerings quickly and easily.

Proven technology

Stirling blue’s range of digital legal solutions have been trusted and used by big banks, insurance companies, organizations, and law firms in Europe for over 5 years.

Our solutions include:

  • Contract Management System
  • No-code Contract Builder
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • API capabilities
Digitize your legal services with Stirling blue

Your customers' benefits

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The right solution

Your customers get quick answers to their questions and connected with the right legal solution for their needs.

Tailored agreements

Your customers can create agreements tailored to their specific needs by filling out easy, dynamic, web-based forms.

Additional services

Easily integrate the additional services, like e-signature, you want for your customers using our API connections.

Stirling blue is a proven e-law SaaS platform

Secure portal

Your customer's documents are securely stored and easily accessed through their own, individual portal.​


Serve your customers' needs wherever they are. Our technology allows you to reach out via every channel.

Great experience

Your customers will enjoy accessible, affordable and quality legal services through a seamless user experience.