Legal tech in change 2019

6 global insights as to what’s in store for the legal industry in 2019

Sally Robertson
Sally Robertson

CEO, Stirling blue

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Legal-tech is now a buzz word and lots of people are interested in how to change the legal industry. This attention reflects the shift that’s happened in the last couple of years where everyone knows that change is coming (even if they don’t want to acknowledge it) and that the traditional legal industry business model is no longer sustainable in an increasingly digital world

During my time at LegalZoom, I was lucky enough to meet some amazing individuals who have been dedicated to changing the legal industry with real, practical solutions for many years and who have helped pave the way for this new revolution. I thought it would be interesting to ask them what they predict what 2019 holds for the legal industry both globally and regionally – as you can see, there are some common themes… however, the most overriding is that change is finally upon us!

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Catching up with Emma Wasberg

Connect with Emma Linkedin Emma Wasberg is a very busy person. She has been with Stirling blue since the beginning and works as both a